Here, Together

Impact Report 2021-2022

We got here, together. A year of listening, adapting and embracing optimism.

We certainly did not expect to be here, but another year of the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. We learned how to adapt. We learned how to listen. We learned how to be optimistic in the face of uncertainty. And while this has been one of the toughest years yet, there was also something special about this year that made us hopeful.

This year we got one step closer to having the tools we need to protect our most vulnerable. With vaccines widely available, we’re heartened to see our staff and families come together to create a safe space for kids and youth with disabilities at Holland Bloorview. Our in-person activities have resumed, and kids and families are connecting with each other, many for the first time since 2020.

We even had our biggest fundraising year yet and broke ground on the expansion of our research institute.

Though it has been difficult and we’re not in the clear yet, there’s still so much that gives us an immeasurable amount of pride. We’ve witnessed our incredible Holland Bloorview community, including you, come together to get us through new pandemic waves with grace and compassion.

We did it. And we got here together.

Julia's signature

Julia Hanigsberg
President and CEO,
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital

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Sandra Hawken
President and CEO,
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital

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Marg Rappolt
Chair, Board of Trustees
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital

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Jason Smith
Chair, Board of Directors
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital

We’ve accomplished so much in the last year, and it’s because we did it together.

Meaningful and healthy futures

young family smiling together

Little boy makes big strides

Seven-year-old Jasper achieved important milestones— like taking his first independent steps—as an outpatient at Holland Bloorview.
Now in grade one, Jasper is thriving.

headshot of Eunice
Eunice Kang

“Thank you for continuing programming at bedside [during COVID]! We are so thankful for [Eunice Kang’s] persistence in providing music therapy.”

headshot of Dr. Smile
Dr. Sharon Smile

“Dr. Smile won [our child’s] heart to the point she couldn’t wait to see her again.”

Building a more inclusive world

group of young people high fiving each other

Addressing systemic racism and oppression at Holland Bloorview

We know that systemic and structural racism and oppression exist in healthcare, including at Holland Bloorview. To understand these issues, we conducted an employee survey that included questions about the experience of team members from an equity lens across multiple dimensions of diversity. We are now acting on this data to build a better and more inclusive workplace.

headshot of Dolly
Dolly Menna-Dack

“Thank you [to Dolly] for allowing me to not look at my disability as a negative thing but making my disability be celebrated and not frowned upon”

“I’m grateful for the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Taskforce. I’m inspired to know that IDEA is an organizational commitment embraced by the staff, clinicians, and physicians at Holland Bloorview. Having the capacity to critically look at the barriers, challenges, and lack of privileges that clients and families face due to social determinants of health (SDOH) allows space to invite difficult conversations on how to create healthcare spaces that represent the intersectionality of everyone.”

Alifa Khan, Family Leader

Our biggest year yet

trio of young children celebrating

Our biggest year yet

From surpassing our ambitious $1 million Capes for Kids goal, to partnering with new and bold supporters, this was our biggest fundraising year yet —and it’s all thanks to you.

“Holland Bloorview has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where my son Julian received exceptional care and made friendships to last a lifetime. I know that many of the programs that Julian loves, like life skills and arts programs, would not be possible without the support of monthly donors. That’s why I decided to become a monthly donor. I’m grateful that another child like my son Julian can experience the same joy and care he did through my monthly donations.”

Donna, Julian’s mom

Beyond our walls

young boy and woman looking at each other

Holland Bloorview provides leadership in provincial pandemic response

As a leader in pediatric care, Holland Bloorview supported the province during the most tumultuous time in healthcare history.
This included advocating for system-wide change by supporting and shaping Ontario’s pandemic response, and providing a safe, fully-accessible, sensory- and family-friendly environment for children and youth with disabilities or complex care needs to get vaccinated.

Vaccine clinics hosted
at Holland Bloorview

Doses administered

Clients vaccinated

“Nurturing future generations of health professionals that care for our clients and families is why we have a Teaching and Learning Institute. We facilitate learning opportunities for more than 500 students a year, support the development of our clinicians as educators and unleash the potential of our students as leaders and innovators. We are an invaluable group of educators and collaborators and a cornerstone of Holland Bloorview as an academic health science centre.

Kathryn Parker, Senior director and simulation lead, Teaching & Learning institute